• B.M.P Residence
    B.M.P Residence
    Chiangmai Guesthouse, Chiangmai Tours, Chiangmai Trekking, Chiangmai Sightseeing
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  • B.M.P Tours and Trekking
    B.M.P Tours and Trekking
    B.M.P Residence Guest House in Chiang mai Thailand. Chiang Mai Tours and Chiang Mai Trekking Let Travel Hub Take Care of your Trip
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  • Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
    Our customer service facilities
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Welcome to BMP Residence

BMP Residence is pleased to welcome you to its high standard accommodations where you'll be treated as our special guest throughout your stay. 

BMP Residence in Chiang Mai is a perfect stop for any traveler who is in search of both great accommodation and wonderful hospitality. Not only do we offer the characteristics of a "home away from home", but we are also ideally situated close to attractions such as the "Night Bazaar" and Moon Muang Road. 

Whether you visit Chiang Mai as a tourist or on business, the beauty city will undoubtedly impress you. There are multitudes of attractions to be both seen and experienced - from stunning natural scenery, its thriving culture, and an appreciation for tradition. Accommodation here is relaxed, convenient and comfortable, whilst food and dining is of an excellent standard. 

The staff take pride in their friendly service and the close knit community that seems to exits. All members of staff here are fluent in English, and are on hand to aid with anything that can make you stay that much more comfortable.